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Our partner schools are raising funds for clean water and quality primary education for the community of Meda, in rural Ethiopia. 

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Here are some shortcuts to resources and information you need for the 2019 campaign. As always, thank you for your utmost dedication and passion to teach your students about global citizenship and the importance of social responsibility.



Our Envision A Better World curriculums are used by schools across the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland to help empower our youth as globally-minded citizens with power to create change.

It is made possible through the generous support and commitment of Envision Financial.

  • Multi-Disciplinary

    The materials are organized around three central themes and can be administered and adapted in different ways. Envision a Better World resources are designed in line with B.C.'s Prescribed Learning Outcomes and B.C.'s Performance Standards of Social Responsibility. Content and materials link across English Language, Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Health and Career Education.

  • Global Citizenship

    The classroom materials give students a glimpse into the lives of children in places where there is no access to clean water and it describes the process by which various agencies like Run for Water are working to respond to the global water crisis. For older grades, it discusses the importance of local empowerment and working with indigenous knowledge & skills in ensuring the sustainability of development projects. 

  • Social Responsibility

    This classroom resource guide is intended to introduce young students to the world's water resources by providing engaging and age-appropriate opportunities to learn about the importance of safe water and sanitation. The materials and resources embrace a multidisciplinary approach to learning and aim to empower young students to work towards a world without poverty, disease and injustice.


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The awesome hi-5 team from Highstreet will come to your school in the months of April and May to host a min-run! They will be bringing music, R4W swag, Drip, a whole lot of fun energy and so much more! Please use link below to book your mini-run and the hi-5 team will get back to you shortly to confirm your appointments! 


We will send energetic and inspiring Run for Water ambassadors to your school to share stories about how your school community is transforming the lives of thousands of people by choosing to partner with rural communities to provide them with clean water and quality primary education.

This year, we are
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Clean water is key to securing health, education and economic wellbeing, especially for girls and women who carry the burden of collecting water daily for their families.

This year partner schools are raising funds to provide clean water and quality primary education to the community of Meda-Atsela (Meda) in rural Tigray, Ethiopia. 

Meda is found in the Emba Alaje district in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

GPS coordinates - 12.925113,39.539957. Click here to view location on Google Maps.

The current population is 291 households, with 2,616 individuals.

People of Meda have no access to clean water and they are currently drinking dirty water they collect from local rivers and ponds. This has resulted in a vicious cycle of water borne diseases throughout the community affecting the health and productivity of residents. 

Girls and women are tasked with fetching water for household use which takes up valuable time they could be using for education, income generating activities and other interests. For girls who are able to go to classes, the local school is a school in the strictest definition; it consists of two open air classrooms and no library or latrine. Students have to sit on the ground/rocks under the baking sun. The net enrolment rate in the local school is very low at 22%. 

In order to improve access to clean water and education, Run for Water, Imagine1Day and the community will partner to build a new school and a shallow well in 2019.

Young leaders of Meda have been working hard to mobilize the entire community and raise 10% of the funds needed to complete this project. Help us empower people of Meda through access to clean water and quality primary education this year. 100% of your donation will be going to the project in Meda. 


Meda-Atsela school, 2018














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Donation Disclaimer:

100% of your donations go directly to Ethiopia to bring clean water and improved education. All of our overhead cost is covered by a group of generous partners. 
If this year’s designated project is fully funded, Run for Water reserves the right to use excess funds to build additional water and education projects in other rural communities in Ethiopia.