You might think that your contribution is just a drop of water in a vast ocean, but each drop has a

ripple effect

that together combines to create a movement.

Over the past 14 years, you have helped us transform over 60 communities throughout rural Ethiopia. Together we have raised over $4 million dollars which means over 400,000 people have clean water for life.

You have helped turn small ripples into great waves.

These communities have been working hard to continue transforming themselves! Join us once again as we partner with more communities across rural Ethiopia this year. 


MAY 01 – 31, 2021

River (Flat) Runs: Vedder River 5K, Sumas River 5K, Fraser River 10K

Trail Runs: Chadsey Lake 9K, McKee Peak Climb 5K

Gravel Rides: Abbotsford Ride 39K, Yarrow Ride 33K, Tamihi Ride 27.3K



MAY 01 – 31, 2021

River (Flat) Runs: Mill Lake 5K, Albert Dyck 5K, Vedder River 5K, Sumas River 5K, Fraser River 10K, Vancouver Sea Wall 10K

Trail Climb: Abby Grind



Donate/fundraise to partner with people of rural Ethiopia and invest in a brighter future for all of us. 



Run and participate.


Thank you to all of our sponsors. We couldn’t do this without your generous support!

Clean Water. It's a Movement. Run with it.

Responding to the water crisis in Africa

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Donation Disclaimer:

100% of your donations go directly to Ethiopia to bring clean water and improved education. All of our overhead cost is covered by a group of generous partners. 
If this year’s designated project is fully funded, Run for Water reserves the right to use excess funds to build additional water and education projects in other rural communities in Ethiopia.