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We encourage families to have some healthy competition between each other! Although you’ll have to register each individual for the competitive stream, there’s no reason why you and your kids can’t go head to head in a battle for bragging rights with these runs and rides. 


Although families can participate, this stream is up to the individual at the end of the day. You don’t need to race side by side, but with all races being logged in Strava you’ll get to see the performance and splits of others and compare them to yourself. 

Weekend Warriors

Do you live for the challenge? Want to see if you can push yourself and others around you? If you have the competitive bug, then this stream is the right one for you. 

How to take part:

1. Register

Register for the competitive stream online by clicking the button below!

You’ll be directed to the registration page, be sure to select the competitive individual ($35)

2. Pick a Challenge

You’ll receive an email and have the opportunity to choose a challenge, load it into Strava, and track your performance for the entire course. 

3. complete your challenge

You can complete your challenge(s) any day during May. 

Once completed you’ll need to submit your results on Strava to be listed on the leaderboard. 

4. Share your victory!

All that’s left to do once you’re done is to take a photo and share it online.

Use the hashtag #envisionupstream to keep the clean water flowing. 

Challenge Options

Yarrow 33km Ride

A 33km ride with 26m of elevation gain. A cyclocross bike is advised for this trail. Relatively flat and a great beginner course with plenty of places for stops (and coffee). 

Abbotsford 40km ride

A 40km with almost 500m of elevation gain. This ride is better suited for those looking for a challenge. Plenty of water-front views as you ride through both rural and forested areas. Beware of the big hill. 

McKee Peak Climb 5Km

This climb consists of 275m of elevation gain with a classic mountain profile. Up, then down. Best to do this one with fresh knees. 

Chadsey Lake 9KM

This 9km run has 440m of elevation gain and is a challenging climb with technical trails that require attention. A solid up-down effort in the middle of this run, you are spoiled with a flat beginning and ending. 

Vedder River 5km

This flat trail boats beautiful scenic views, a nice decline and incline, and is gravel. A must-consider for a quality experience and a potential 5km PR. 

Sumas River 5km

A wonderful flat course with some river views, plenty of wind, and easy out and back. A sprint ending to set a course record? We would recommend it! 

Fraser river 10km

A gravel path 10km that is relatively flat, with the exemption of one spot at the end! Think you got what it takes to take on the 10km challenge? 


Thank you to all of our sponsors. We couldn’t do this without your generous support!

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