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Run for Water is taking all measures to comply with the federal and provincial health authorities to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Our highest priority is the safety of our community, especially the most vulnerable.

Therefore, we have made the decision to turn the Calgary Run for Water into a Virtual Race! 

What’s a Virtual Race? See below to find out! 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 

Stay safe, friends! 


The Calgary Run for Water Board



Calgary run for water virtual race



Registration: Runners can register until June 20th @noon 

Date: Participants can run anytime between 5 am June 13th - midnight June 20th (to make sure we are not promoting people gathering on one day)

For more information, read the letter from our board chair below. (click on image for a closer view)


Calgary Run for Water

Race Fees

  • Kids' 500m Fun Run (5 and under):


  • 5K Walk/Run Youth (5-12 years):


  • 5K & 10K Walk/Run (Adult):



Here are some training tips to help you get the most out of race day

    1. Good shoes are everything
      Spend some time at a running store working with someone who knows running shoes. Everyone has a different foot type, and you need the one right for you. Ask the experts!
    2. Hydrate.
      Increase your water consumption as you increase the length of your runs. Make sure you're well hydrated starting three days before the big run.
    3. Avoid foot blisters.
      Before you put on your socks and shoes, squish vaseline between your toes and all over your foot.
    4. Wear clothes that breathe.
      A technical garment designed for running will feel a lot better than your old cotton T.
    5. Don't forget to eat.
      As you get into longer runs, think about bringing some nutrition along such as power gels or even jelly beans.
  • 6. Protect from chafing.
    Use a lubricant such as Body Glide. You can buy it at your local running retailer.

    7. Be prepared.
    Before race day, think through everything you need. Lay out your clothes, bottles, watch, etc. Look through your race packet. Arrive early.

    8. Visualize success.
    Visualize the day and every motion to ensure you are mentally prepared. Think about how you'll overcome pain or fatigue. Imagine your sense of accomplishment when you finish.

    9. Always have 3 goals.
    Goal #1 should be finishing the race. Goal #2 should be finishing it in a very reasonable time. Goal #3 is a best case scenario time. NEVER SET YOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE.

    10. Have fun!

This year, we are
running for


Clean water is key to securing health, education and economic wellbeing, especially for girls and women who carry the burden of collecting water daily for their families.



 In this community, the population is 4,750 and there are 432 school age children and youth. Currently in Fresiweat, there is no functional water point at the existing school. There is an unprotected water source 2.5 km from the school that is commonly used by the community. However, the school children are in the habit of collecting dirty water from a local dam which is only 1 km from the school. As well, with no functional latrines, 50% of the students are going to the bathroom wherever they can outside, leading to a number of health problems. Our partnership with the community of Fresiweat will bring clean water, latrines, and wash materials to the school and the surrounding community. More importantly, these things will bring safety, health and improved attendance rates at school as well as countless other benefits that sanitation, schooling and access to clean water brings. 


This summer and fall, our team on the ground, together with community members, installed 3 separate water points as well as the creation of an irrigation system. This irrigation system will be life changing for the farmers in the community as the region is incredibly dry for 10 months of the year. With their need for clean water met, community elders shared their desperate need for a school for the 452 students in the community. Their current “school” is 4 open air classrooms made up of stones and sticks. I’m sure you can imagine the challenges learning and teaching in such an environment. The Calgary Run for Water is excited to announce that we will continue our partnership with the community of Zeneshka through 2020 to help bring a new school building as well as teaching supplies and training to the village. 

Go an extra mile? Partner with Zeneshka by donating or fundraising with them! 100% of donations go directly to the project on the ground. 


"Africa’s women are rising to challenge gender discrimination

Change is sweeping Africa. Systemic barriers to gender equity are falling and a growing number of women leaders are reshaping the continent.

Across the continent, women are increasingly challenging traditional norms by claiming positions of power and influence in our public arenas. Rwanda, Seychelles and my own country of Ethiopia now have cabinets split evenly along gender lines, with some of the most powerful posts occupied by women..."


Thank you to all of our sponsors. We couldn’t do this without your generous support!

Contact us today for your chance to partner with the Calgary Run For Water at calgary@runforwater.ca

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Clean Water. It's a Movement. Run with it.

Responding to the water crisis in Africa

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Donation Disclaimer:

100% of your donations go directly to Ethiopia to bring clean water and improved education. All of our overhead cost is covered by a group of generous partners. 
If this year’s designated project is fully funded, Run for Water reserves the right to use excess funds to build additional water and education projects in other rural communities in Ethiopia.